Chest Rub - Cough and Cold Relief (50ml)

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  • A topical respiratory formula that draws on the marvellous healing properties of the essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, and Scotch pine
  • Aids in the specific relief of heavy chest congestion that is apt to accompany coughs and colds
  • Crosses the skin barrier with a deep penetrating power that soothes respiratory passages

Who it’s for: Adults, adolescents, and children aged 2 and older

Use For: Specific relief of the chest heaviness and discomfort that often occur with coughs and colds

How it works: The largest organ in the body, the human skin is an exceptionally complex and many-faceted membrane. In modern medicine, up until relatively recently, there has been a tendency to believe that the skin functioned exclusively as a barrier and that the body could not absorb medications topically. Studies have established that this is far from being true. Medicinally active substances can actually penetrate through the top layer of the skin down into the layers below.

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